Refund, Return and Cancellation Policy

General Rules:

Before decision-making for purchasing our products much to know our Term and Conditions: Customers have rights to Refund, Return and Cancellation in period of time 24 hours after purchasing our products please contact us with email: or

Buying Options Policy

Dear values Customers have three options to purchase our products through our website “’ or use Point-of-Sale Service ‘POS machine’ or Swift Code.


  1. Customers are able used credit card, Visa, MasterCard and Alipay for direct payment to purchase our products through website:, and offline QR code of Alipay. The prices will be calculated according to products. Customers should be provided basic information such as name, address and email only. Our company or supplier will be used basic information for delivery the products by shipping and other options are available to your address at worldwide at least 1 to 20 working days.
  2. If Customers are based in Cambodia and Thailand countries we have our agencies or supplier to travel to meet you for providing the products. At the same time, Customers can select qualities of product before buying our products. Our company or supplier will deliver the products to your address in Thailand or Cambodia.  Based on this option, Customers/tourists will be used credit card/Visa or MasterCard or Alipay to provide direct payment.
  3. BK & R Trading Co.,Ltd would like Customers to send email to or to confirm to receive the products from our company during 24 hours.  If customers not send email to us therefore, our company will be recognized that customer accepted our products also.
  4. Guarantee and warranty of Products: The customers have rights to reclaim products to replace products that broken during 24 hours after received products and send email to confirm company about condition of products and all fees are covered by company. But buyer need return the products to company first.