About Us

BK & R Trading Co., Ltd was established on 23 March 2015 in Samrong Municipality, Oddar Meanchey province of Kingdom of Cambodia and our company was registered with Ministry of Commerce as Private Limited Company with registration number 00002104   and     under the regulation of commercial rules and register law, commercial enterprises law, civil code and penal code of the kingdom of Cambodia.

Since 2015 BK & R Trading Co., Ltd focused on import and export beverage and foodstuffs to offer to our customers. Today, we are looking at international market, ASEAN region in term of globalization. We have decision-making to develop good best practice strategic plan that focused on one place with products as well as NEED concepts with start up from selling jewelry and other products and services in online approach to everyone at worldwide.

Our Dream:

Vision: Want to see people have opportunity to respond their NEED.

Mission:  Offering products and services to customers’ NEED.

Value: Network, Economic, Executive and Development “NEED”.

About Pearl Products Pearl Jewelry

Beautiful pearl jewelry made of high-quality gems.

BK & R Trading Co.,Ltd. is offering the pearl  of the collection of pearl necklaces, bracelets earing, pendants, rings and sets of pearl to customers at worldwide.

Currently, our company is offering the pearl necklaces, pearl earrings, and pearl bracelets but in future our company will be offered update new styles with pearl jewelry on the pearl bracelets, pearl earring, pearl pendants, pearl rings and sets of pearl.

  1. Business Focused: Pearl Necklaces

    Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

    A Freshwater pearl necklace never goes out of style. Find your new favorite jewelry piece with the Freshwater pearl necklace collection from The Pearl Photo.

    Pink Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

    Pink pearl necklaces define attractiveness and ladylikeness, giving any looks a unique twist and pop of color. A striking jewelry piece, delicately strung with luminous pink Freshwater pearls. These unique necklaces make perfect gifts for a loved one or yourself on any occasion.

    Multicolor Freshwater Pearl Necklaces

    Multi-color Freshwater pearl necklaces combine various hues of pearl colors, creating a truly beautiful strand. These exclusive strands are perfect for any pearl lover, looking to add to their collection. Available in almost every size and strand length, let our team help you find the perfect pearl necklace today.

    See Pearl Necklaces

    The highest quality white pearl available, Sea pearls define the absolute rarest and most prized gem. These classic white strand pearls add an aura of sophistication to any outfit. Our wide collection of Sea pearls come in different sizes and quality making it easy to find the perfect pearl necklace, at an unbelievable value.

    Multicolor Sea Pearl Necklaces

    If you’re looking for something classic with a modern twist, our multicolor Sea pearl necklaces are for you. Anchored by Sea pearls, these parts unite pearls with a variety of colors and pearl types. Making them an excellent choice if you’re looking for something entirely exceptional.

  2. Business Focused: Pearl Earrings

    Freshwater and sea pearl earrings is offering by BK & R Trading Co.,Ltd to customer at worldwide with perfect choice for those looking to add dimension to their jewelry collection without spending a fortune.  Our pearl earrings products feature a great number of colors with golden, pink, white and black also with styles.   Everything from natural gemstones with freshwater and sea pearl.

  3. Business Focused: Pearl bracelets

    BK & R Trading Co.,Ltd is offering to our customer at worldwide on freshwater and sea pearl bracelet products.  The Freshwater and sea pearl bracelets are a great example of that goal.  Pearl Bracelets are a great way to add pearls to your wardrobe without spending a fortune.

Foodstuffs and Beverage

BK & R Trading Co,.Ltd  is offering to customer at worldwide on foodstuffs and beverage including brand of:  Green Mate, Bird’s Nest Beverage,  Deedo and Rachar. We have partner in Thailand who can supply these products at worldwide.